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Criteria for Certification

  1. Be an active member of the Minnesota Transport Services Association. Do one sponsored function of the MTSA.
  2. To be a member of good standing with the Minnesota Transport Services Assn. Be current on your dues; have no unresolved complaints with the MTSA; adhere to the code of ethics provided by the MTSA;  and provide current info in a timely manner to the MTSA.
  3. To have on record current federal and state employer identification number.
  4. Comply with all state and federal regulatory agencies
  5. Has insurance coverage of at least meeting or exceeding the amount required by law.
  6. Have no unresolved complaints on record with any consumer protection agency.
  7. Maintain and enforce an employee uniform program with some type of common identification.
  8. Maintain a written drug and alcohol policy that complies with the DOT and Minnesota statutes.
  9. Maintain fleet to DOT specifications and comply with DOT regulations
  10. Maintain a quality program for each move or develop a program within 6 months.
  11. Have no unresolved administrative penalty assessed by a regulatory agency (state, local, federal)
  12. Have a formal claims policy and procedure communicated to the consumer.
  13. A company must maintain a physical location twelve (12) month out of the year in the state of Minnesota and be able to provide moving services from that location or conduct business in the state of Minnesota for 36 consecutive months.
  14. Placed in a consortium of carriers for a review of the certified mover program.


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