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U.S. Senate Ok's Fiscal 2017 Transportation Funding Bill With Trucking Provision

The Senate on May 19 voted 89-8 to pass a $56 billion transportation funding bill with a provision that would cap at 73 the allowable hours per week truckers could work before being required to take a rest break.  The Senate bill also includes technical language having to do with an hours-of-service restart rule in the fiscal 2016 funding law.

Last week, the White House had threatened to veto the bill if senators attached unrelated provisions.  The Senate bill would providing funds for myriad DOT programs, such as infrastructure grants, Amtrak and the network of pipe-lines.

American Trucking Associations called on Congress to advance to President Obama's desk legislation that would maintain the current hours-of-service restart rule at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


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